An Angel By My Daughter

It was late May 2015, just over a year ago. I was in my fourth month serving as interim worship/music director at a church in a nearby city, and had really been missing being with my family at our home church. My nine-year-old daughter, Jaycie, would ask almost weekly by then, “Mom, when are you coming back to our church? I miss you.”

I loved the people, and I knew that God had called me there for a season — I was just really sensing that my “assignment” was near completion, and was eager for the season to change. I longed to be sitting next to my little girl and my husband on Sunday mornings again soon. I struggled with guilt, and prayed a lot for my family in my absence every Sunday.

An angel sat by my daughter that morning, in my absence. (Jaycie pictured here with her dad, and our grandbaby, Maliya.)
An angel sat by my daughter that morning, in my absence. (Jaycie pictured here with her dad, and our grandbaby, Maliya.)

That Sunday afternoon, however, Heaven seemed to open as little Jaycie described what had happened at church that morning. “Mom, an angel sat next to me this morning, right where you usually sit. She had blonde hair, in a pony tail, and blue eyes [like Jaycie] and was wearing a white robe and white shoes.”

I sat, stunned, as Jaycie continued telling about her angelic visitor that morning. “She was singing the same song that the choir was singing [during the choir’s ‘special music’ song]. After the song was over, she disappeared.”

“Did the angel say anything to you?” I had so many questions….

“She just said, ‘Follow God’, that’s all. She sang with the choir, and then she left. She just disappeared when the music stopped. Then I didn’t feel alone anymore, Mom.”

I hugged my precious daughter, and cried tears of joy, tears of thankfulness, tears of relief — that God would send an angel to sit — in my place — with my daughter (and husband – although God didn’t open his eyes to see the angel).

Her words mirrored what my (now grown) sons had both experienced, on two different occasions, and at two different churches, in 1990 and 1991.

I was a grieving, abandoned, divorced, single mom of two preschool age boys. Both my children and I felt very alone and heartbroken since my husband (their daddy) had left in 1989. I clung to Jesus as closely as I ever had, and my boys were always in church with me. Usually I was up on stage, playing the piano and singing with a worship team and/or choir. I sometimes felt badly that other people had to “watch” my children sitting in the pews while I served on the worship team. God always provided someone to help, though. (Thank God for those sensitive, kind-hearted people who reach out to help struggling, single parents!)

One Sunday on the way home in 1990, my 4-year-old son, Scott, began telling me about the angels he saw on the stage that morning. Three-year-old Joshua excitedly confirmed and added to everything his brother was accounting to me. Scott said, “Mommy, there were four angels on the stage, one standing behind everyone who was up there. One was standing right beside you next to the piano you were playing, Mommy, and he was singing along with you! Another one was standing right behind Allen, the guy playing the guitar. But he was a lot taller than Allen!”

Little brother Joshua chimed in, verifying that he saw the same thing, including another angel behind the drummer, and another behind the other vocalist on the stage that morning. The angels were each singing along with us, worshiping God!

We were not alone in our worship: God’s holy angels were joining us … and I’m convinced — they always are! We’re just rarely allowed to see into the spiritual realm to notice.

Me and my little boys, Scott & Joshua, in 1990. They saw angels and miracles more than once.
Me and my little boys, Scott & Joshua, in 1990. They saw angels and miracles more than once.

About a year later, in December of 1991, our small church presented the Christmas program we’d been rehearsing for weeks. I was the angel in the nativity scene, with a halo and wings and all, singing my worship song to the baby Jesus. On the way home after the play, my little boys, now four and five, asked a question that almost caused me to drive off the road!

“Mom, who was that really tall angel standing behind you?”

“Whaaat?!” I questioned my little boys, as tears filled my eyes.

“You know, the angel that stood behind you, with his wings touching the ceiling? He was a lot taller than you, Mom.”  And, similar to their previous angelic encounters, the boys told me, “He was singing the same song that you and the choir were singing.”

Both times, my children thought that everyone saw the angels, just like they did. Another time that same year, my children questioned me on the way home from church about the “fire trick” that our youth pastor did. He was filling in for our senior pastor that morning, and every time he opened his Bible and began preaching from it, Scott and Josh both saw FIRE coming out of his Bible.

They thought he was using a lighter or some other trick. When he would close his Bible, the flames disappeared. But, the boys said, they never smelled smoke, and they were glad that nothing else “caught on fire”.

What my young children witnessed reminds me of when God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, that was “not consumed”, Exodus Chapter 3 describes. Also, that our God is an “all-consuming fire”, purifying our lives through His word, mentioned numerous times, including Hebrews Chapter 12.

God is so faithful, and so merciful! He cares about every minute detail of our lives, just as we care for the things that are going on with our children. But even better, He KNOWS all things, and He has all POWER (and loves more perfectly) than we, as human parents, can. Wow!

I suppose if God allowed us to see what’s REALLY going on in the spiritual (but very REAL) world, it would either scare us to death, or give us great peace…. likely, a lot of both would happen. I guess that’s why He often shows a young child — and not an adult, who would just try to explain it away, or get all big-headed about it (thus, we are warned in Colossians 2:18 not to worship angels). Hebrews 13:2 inspired my song, “Entertaining Angels, Unaware“, available HERE.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for sending angels and miraculous signs of Your presence, to my young children in their time of need. Thank You for letting them know (and reminding ME) that You’ll never abandon them, and that You love them that much! Amen!

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  1. Wow! What beautiful stories and I had to laugh along with you when you wrote “ would scare us to death or give us great peace…little bit of both”! Thank you for sharing these truly special moments with us. God bless you and your dear ones my sister in Christ.


  2. Oh Becky, your blog inspires me and gives me hope. Although God is who we strive to get closer to and run after, it’s always a blessing when we know of people who actually experience Him through an angel’s presence. I remember those days at that church, we were young and naïve but we had each other and God, thank goodness He never leaves our side. Wishing you continued joy and God’s blessing on your life, you are an amazing woman and an inspiration to me! Tammie


    1. Oh, thank you, Tammie!! God is so good to take care of us, never leave (temporarily) or forsake (permanently) His children!! And yes, He occasionally gives us a peak of spiritually realities that we often ignore (like angels). But ALL of creation, including angels, should give glory and credit only to God, our Creator. Angels are worshipping 24/7, the Bible says, so what a PRIVILEGE that God let’s us SEE that occasionally, and JOIN IN the worship — as often as we like!! Love you, Tammie, and THANK YOU for reading, and for your encouraging comment:))


  3. Dear Becky, Such powerful events in your children’s lives. You and they are blessed to have these kinds of stories and remembrances. You are a powerful witness for God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! In Jesus Name!!! Donna


    1. Forbid the little children not to come unto ME, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
      This tells me how much HE values children’s pure hearts, and this story about your young boys and the Angels is proof. Thank you for your ministry, and the beautiful song you wrote about Angels unaware.


      1. Amen, Sherry! I agree, and believe (as the Bible teaches) that we would see SO much more of what’s going on in the spiritual realm of God’s power if we had the faith and innocence of a little child. Thank you for writing.


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