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Highlight Reel (Most Popular Posts)

Hello, readers of Inspiring Hope Blog!

Becky here, grateful and humbled by the response of readers to this blog. As you read this, I will be driving seven hours from the St. Louis area back home to northeastern Oklahoma, so those who get this by email on Sunday afternoons — it may not arrive until Monday. My apologies right now for any delay! I’ll be attending the Write About Jesus Workshop on Oct. 13-15th, and giving a concert and leading worship / sharing testimony in Bonne Terre, MO on Sunday before the long drive home. So I have only two days to finish what I normally do in six days. Every feel like that?? I’m sure you do!

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Therefore, after a short prayer, I’ve decided to create a “highlight reel” of the most popular posts, with a couple of “tags” to alert you of the subject matter. This should be helpful for all my new readers, and for those who may have missed one (that I believe will really bless and encourage you!)  Let me hear your comments :))

Highlight Reel: Some of the most popular posts from Inspiring Hope.
Highlight Reel: Some of the most popular posts from Inspiring Hope.

9/11 Attacks: NYC & Closer to Home  (Personal attacks, Nation attacked)

Tuesday September 11th, 2001, I got my son Aaron off to kindergarten, then took my three-year-old son, Nathan, to the mother’s-day-out program where I was the director. Only moments after… Read more »

Preparing for Company (28 Minutes in Heaven)  (Seeing Heaven, life after death)

My husband helped me get the guest bedroom ready for the long-awaited arrival of our daughter and grandchildren. We stocked up on groceries, bathed the smelly dog, and even hung… Read more »

An Angel By My Daughter  (Miracles, angels, supernatural)

It was late May 2015, just over a year ago. I was in my fourth month serving as interim worship/music director at a church in a nearby city, and had… Read more »

Piano Tuning: Proverbs & Providence

In December 2006, when I felt compelled to resign my full-time teaching (music) job and stay home to teach piano lessons, my [shocked] husband was fearful that we’d lose the… Read more »

Cards by Candlelight: Blessings in Disguise  (Need a laugh? Read this!)

It was a rainy spring evening as we awaited our friends’ arrival for dinner. We planned to play cards and board games and just relax — a rare treat for… Read more »

Fierce Love     (Suicide, God’s love, parents)

“Mommy, come outside and see the baby bird in the rose bush!” My ten-year-old daughter was thrilled to discover a baby cardinal, camouflaged carefully inside our backyard rose bush. Out… Read more »

Planting Seeds of Purpose   (A teacher’s impact, divorce, mentoring)

It was the fall of 1976.  My fourth grade class and our whole country was celebrating America’s 200th year as a free country, with streamers and fanfare lining our school hallways. But… Read more »

Tell Me Something Good  (Miscarriage, songwriting, grief, comfort, providence)

It was October 11th, 1995. Unfamiliar with the song the worship leader selected, I was concentrating to read the notes accurately as I accompanied him on piano at church that… Read more »

Back in Commission… Dents and All  (Damaged keyboard, damaged life; Purpose, redemption, Scars)

In September of 2012, I purchased a used piano keyboard, practically giddy that my producer and co-writer in Nashville (Robert Jason) had found me just the right one. It was a professional… Read more »

The House That Love Re-built -Pt.1    (Our miraculous call to adopt, Pt. 1; Architecture, Real estate)

[Part 1 of 2] There’s an old house sitting vacant in our town. It was a grand structure in its day, designed by the best architect, built by the most… Read more »

The House That Love Re-Built (Pt. 2)   (Our miraculous call to adopt, Pt. 2; Architecture, Real estate, Sanctity of Life)

[Part 2; Continued from last week’s Inspiring Hope Blog]   “I just want ya’ll to know that momma died three weeks ago.” Her words were piercing as hot tears stung my… Read more »

Hospitality Changes History   (Hospitality, International student ministry, American History, Revolutionary War, George Washington, John Hart, Declaration of Independence)

Takeshi was visibly shaking when he walked into our living room for the first time, accompanied by the director of the ELI (English Language Institute) program at Northeastern State University… Read more »

I would LOVE to read YOUR comments on any of the blogs you read that resonate with you, or bring to mind something you’d like to share!  Becky

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