I Saw My Daughter in Heaven (Pray for Chattanooga Bus Crash Families)

It was the spring of 2001. The dream I had that night was as real as anything, and I remember every detail to this day. My husband and I were both flying through the air into Heaven, and we landed simultaneously into two fold-down cushioned seats in a very large auditorium. The seat covers were navy blue velvet, the same fabric as the probably fifty-feet-tall drapes hanging on the stage. Behind the closed curtain, we could hear instruments and singing voices warming up, and we instantly knew that they were preparing a “welcome concert” for those of us arriving in Heaven at that moment. We knew that Jesus was about to come out on stage and welcome us when the curtain opened.

Only seconds after Hank and I landed in our seats, with a seat left open in between us, we saw her. A little girl about five years old, flying in and landing in the seat between us. She wore a white dress, white shoes and socks, and had white ribbons in her strawberry blond hair. Her hair was thin and fine and the same color as our other children’s hair. Aaron, born in 1996, was four years old when I had this dream, and Nathan was two. Rachel would have been five… just the age we “met” her in the dream… this vision of Heaven.

The little girl was our Rachel, whom I’d lost to miscarriage months before she was to be born.

10week Baby in Womb (Actual size). My Rachel was this age when she died.
10 week gestation Baby in Womb (Actual size). My Rachel was this age when she died.

As soon as our daughter landed in between us, we all embraced with happy tears, and long-overdue kisses and hugs! I had grieved so for this child I’d lost, and now we were together, but for a moment. With this comforting dream, God reminded me of the reality of seeing our children again, who died during an *age of innocence. I needed to see her, not just for comfort in that moment, but for things that were to happen in the future that I never could have dreamed. God was preparing me by strengthening my faith in His promises.

In the fall of 1994, my sister, Elizabeth was also pregnant. We were so excited to be expecting our babies at the same time, both due in April. Rachel was due April 18th, and Elizabeth’s baby (later named James) was due a week earlier. Elizabeth had bought me a darling little baby dress with bloomers for my baby. When my unborn baby died at eight weeks gestation, and Elizabeth’s pregnancy continued, we both grieved deeply. When her little James was born on April 10th 1995, I had a very difficult time allowing myself to get emotionally close to him. It was just so painful. 

How ironic that all these years later, after Elizabeth drowned (2004) saving James (then age 9) from drowning, that he would become the nephew I’m closer to than all the other nephews! Again, this is evidence of God’s comfort to all of us, as we wait to be reunited in Heaven with Elizabeth — and Rachel — and the three children that Elizabeth miscarried! 

I’ll never forget having all five of Liz’s children stay with us for a week after their mother died. I was lying down beside them on an air mattress on the living room floor. We talked about their mom in Heaven, and about her seeing her three children who’d died (miscarriages). Then, like a burst of sunlight from the Throne Room of God, 11-year-old Joseph propped up on his elbow and spoke what I am convinced was a divine revelation.

“We’ve had Mom all this time, but my three brothers and sisters in Heaven are getting to see Mom for the very first time!”

King David wept, prayed and fasted for seven days, as his baby boy lay dying. When he heard his servants whispering, he knew that his child was dead. He said, “Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.” King David knew his son was safe in the arms of Jesus, and that he would join him one day. (See 2nd Samuel 12:17-23)

Our hearts grieve for the families of the children killed in the #Chattanooga TN bus crash last month. It brings tears (and hopefully more prayers for them) to think of those families spending their first Thanksgiving and Christmas without their precious little ones. And, even though we can be confident that these children are alive in Heaven, still the gaping hole of grief covers the families like a dark cloud, until they are reunited. Please say another prayer for them right now!

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I look forward to seeing our children in Heaven, and seeing how much they resemble the children we had on Earth.
I look forward to seeing our children in Heaven, and seeing how much they resemble the children we had on Earth.

The Apostle Paul said in 2nd Corinthians 5:8: “We are confident, I say, and pleased rather to be absent from the body and present with the Lord.” Paul understood that once a Christian (or innocent child) dies, we are immediately in the presence of God!

I know I will see my Rachel in Heaven one day. She’s with her Grandfathers, my dad and my dad-in-law, her Aunt Elizabeth and at least three cousins, and many other loved ones. She’s with her brother Jonathan, our son who joined her in 2014. I’m sure they have much to talk about!

If I didn’t KNOW that God’s Word is true and Heaven is REAL, I couldn’t go on. But Jesus PROVED that there is life after death by rising from the dead Himself — that we would have opportunity to live with Him forever — where there is NO more death!

Read the incredible account of what happened when I had this miscarriage, and what happened exactly 364 days later at http://blog.beckywrightsongs.com/2016/05/tell-me-something-good/ 

*Incidentally, what I refer to as an “age of innocence” is likely different for each child. God knows each heart, each one’s intellectual and spiritual understanding and maturity level, and knows when a child or teenager is able to make choices about Jesus, faith, and therefore, about their eternal future. Certainly young children and babies — whether born or in the womb when they die– are innocent before God.

Matthew 19:14:  Jesus, however, said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these.”  

Heaven is FILLED with little children, and those who have the faith to believe and follow God like an innocent child.

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