Floods of Blessings (But It Didn’t Look That Way)

Sitting at my home office desk a few weeks ago, I noticed some all-too-familiar ripples and bubbles in the laminate flooring. Oh, no … not again! Apparently the heavy rains the week before had seeped under the house and beneath the flooring of my studio/ office, a room built in part of our garage.

Since we’ve actually experienced “flooding” in our house seven times before now, I recognized the water damage instantly. The first time was a broken washing machine, the second was a spewing water heater. Once was a slow-leaking kitchen sink, another was the upstairs toilet. Add to that the most recent (until now), the torrential rains that flooded our new addition and the existing part of our house in 2013 (when we built on to accommodate our new children).

We immediately recognized the water-damaged flooring after flood #8 !!

We’d lived with bare, concrete flooring with noisy drying fans and dehumidifiers countless times. We’d even suffered a house fire in 2000, and had to live elsewhere for 3 1/2 months while our house was rebuilt. (I’ll share more about that in another blog… it was truly miraculous!) Our insurance rates went up after the second flood, if I recall.

But one thing remained  constant through each of these events.

God blessed us in the most unexpected ways; each earthly flood brought a Heavenly flood of blessings!

A few weeks after this flood, my husband and I attended a “live radio remote” at a local flooring company. It was cold and rainy that day, so very few people attended. Feeling badly for the owners (since we’ve used their services for many years), we stayed the entire two hours, eating hamburgers and even talking on the radio about how professional and trustworthy this company was. (We wanted to be a blessing to them, as they have been to us!) 

Off the air, I got to visit with the female radio DJ, *”Sally” who’d interviewed me concerning the flooring company. I mentioned that my husband and I teach the “blended families” Bible study class at our church, and her eyes lit up. “Really? We’ve been looking for a church, and specifically for one with outreaches for our children, and to address our family’s needs.” I gave her a hug, my phone number, and a quick prayer; we both knew that we were supposed to meet!   *Name changed

The live radio remote also included door prize drawings, so (of course!) we had put our name in the box. The male DJ announced, “The winner of 100 square feet of ceramic tile is…..our own Becky Wright!”  I couldn’t believe it! The radio station has played my music over the years, so they considered themselves “fans”. (This was my first time meeting the new, young female DJ, however.)

My husband and I knew that we were exactly where God wanted us that Thursday afternoon. God is so good, kind, all-wise and merciful, to meet so many needs at once!  “Sally” had been praying for a church home and the spiritual health of her new family. We needed some tile… and this provided two-thirds of the amount we needed — just the impetus to get us going, and know that God would provide the rest!

We scheduled a time with our flooring guy (who happens to be my brother — he’s very good!), and began the arduous task of removing everything from the office. Since boxes of items had been put into my office when we had the last house flood, there were things still not unpacked. Papers and more papers, music equipment, computer and furniture, dust and cobwebs…  ugh!!

Then, like a refreshing rain after a long drought, God answered a five-year-long prayer!!

In 2013, during a two-day period of much prayer, the Lord had inspired me with devotional chapter ideas — forty of them, to be exact — which I’d scribbled on a small notepad. It was front and back of a single 3 1/2″ X 5″ piece of paper. I copied it on my copier so I’d have a full-size sheet of the precious notes.

But somewhere, somehow, amid all the floods and moving and changes that ensued, the notes got buried. I’ve searched many times over the last five years, cried and prayed many times that God would show me where these “inspired gems from Heaven” were now elusively hiding. I started over fresh (without the notes) and even have seven chapters completed for my upcoming devotional book, 40 Days Before the Throne.

Flood #8 brought about a 5-year-long answer to prayer!!

As I filled boxes with items to remove from my office, I discovered the tiny notes I’d written, on a tiny piece of paper with a blue clip on them — to help me not lose them, ironically!

I ran into the house crying happy tears, exclaiming to my husband what I’d found! The irony of the moment overwhelmed me, realizing that an unwanted flood resulted in a long-awaited answer to prayer!

I’ve been actively working on writing my book, as it’s burned on my heart since 2011. Seven years later, God is providing everything I need to complete it!

Two weeks ago, right before my husband and I and 400 others left for a mission trip to Washington, DC, I connected (on LinkedIn) with a literary strategist named Tom Blubaugh. Before we had our first (free) video call, I did some research on him. I was floored when I realized that he’s the Founder of a group I’d joined recently: www.authorscommunity.net . I’ve been gearing up to finally sit down and WRITE my book (at least the first one) in 2018. Education and research, as well as accountability to others and self-discipline on my part, would all be integral factors in this mission to which I’ve been called.

I learned that Mr. Blubaugh is the same age as my dad (if he were still here), and shares my deep faith in and commitment to Jesus, and to write books that will leave a positive impact upon the world. I saw God’s hand in our entire conversation, and I look forward to our next online meeting!

[bctt tweet=”Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way. There are BLESSINGS after the flood! #inspiringhopeblog ” username=”becky_wright”]

God’s timing is perfect. It thrills me to watch a skilled craftsman rebuild what was broken!

The fact that I re-discovered my long-lost notes now — in this moment — floors me! God’s timing is so perfect, so specific, and is never random – even though we may not see it at the time. The fact that my office flooded only weeks before I won 100 square feet of tile is no coincidence!

The fact that I was able to encourage the radio DJ who’d been praying for a church family was no accident! The fact that Tom Blubaugh “found me” only two weeks ago, as I’m really getting serious about my writing schedule and goals, didn’t just happen arbitrarily. My Heavenly Father is guiding my steps!

Oh, and since you’ve read this far, here’s a little “thank you gift” for your support! I’ve just made a brand new page on my website just for YOU! “Freebies” for my loyal fans and subscribers… enjoy! It includes a FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER of my upcoming devotional book, 40 Days Before the Throne, and free music downloads, some titles that I’ve NEVER offered before! GET FREE GIFTS HERE🙂

It took at flood to bring about this blessing and a five-year-long answer to prayers!

Are you facing “floods” of unexpected, unwelcome events and trials in your life? I urge you to lean on Jesus, and get into His Word (the Bible) daily or as often as you can. Then you will undoubtedly find the blessings in disguise, with the peace and assurance that you are a child of our loving God and Heavenly Father. Nothing escapes His plan, His permission, or diminishes His great love and compassion for us!

Have you found a blessing in spite of “floods” in your life? Please SHARE in the comments below, and encourage others! (I read every comment, and [so far] reply to every one!) Becky

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