Turning Staffs to Serpents: The Faith Factor

Last week, days before Easter (when millions of believers and I celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus), I watched the epic 1956 movie, "The Ten Commandments". Although the graphics technology may seem archaic by modern standards, the portrayal of the Biblical account of the liberation of the Hebrew people by Moses always thrills my soul and... Continue Reading →

Ignore the Burning Bush… Or Not (Answering God’s Call)

As a mother, I've always been particularly riveted by the account of Moses, in the first few chapters of Exodus. As an infant, Moses was spared from death from the evil Pharoah who ordered the massacre of every Hebrew male baby born during that period of time. Moses' mother and sister hid him in a... Continue Reading →

Streams in the Desert

In the United States, there are not many hot spots that compare to the heat of a Texas summer day. On one of the "milder" days, only in the high 90's, we'd taken our family on a train ride from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth. We'd wanted to ride the train, the Heartland Flyer, for years, and... Continue Reading →

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