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Turning Staffs to Serpents: The Faith Factor

Last week, days before Easter (when millions of believers and I celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus), I watched the epic 1956 movie, "The Ten Commandments". Although the graphics technology may seem archaic by modern standards, the portrayal of the Biblical account of the liberation of the Hebrew people by Moses always thrills my soul and... Continue Reading →

Knocked Down, but Not Destroyed

Spring is in the air. I'm a bit sleepy from losing an hour of sleep with the time change last night, but excited about the prospect of more daylight in my day. I spent yesterday working in my front yard, doing more manual labor than I have in months. After the ice and snow storms... Continue Reading →

Not What I Planned

If you live on Planet Earth like the rest of us, your New Years Resolutions and best-made plans may seem to be fluttering away in the wind. What were your personal goals and aspirations for the last twelve months? Here's a list of mine...

One Contented Puppy

My parents have a little long-haired dachshund-mix dog named Kikka. She's such a people-person (for a dog, haha!), and can't stand it when they go away for a few days. Momma says that Kikka gets very excited when they pull into our driveway, however, even though she "cries" when they leave. She'll jump into the... Continue Reading →

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