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“Jesus Came to My House” A Three-Year-Old’s Encounter Brought Me to My Knees

Jennifer, a registered nurse, wheeled my husband back in to the recovery room after his second cataract surgery. Even though Hank was groggy and slurring his words a bit, I immediately recognized the story he'd apparently been recounting to her. "Our son, Aaron, had emergency surgery at this very hospital when he was only seven... Continue Reading →

Love Me, Love Me Not

Finding Steady Love in My Unsteady World "Mom, I want to be home-schooled... forever!" Today was the second time in a month I've received this dramatic, desperate message from our seventh-grade daughter -- while she was at school. Jaycie came home three days ago wearing the jacket of a new beau, but apparently gave it back... Continue Reading →

Divine Spanking: Hurting to Heal

I had a telephone conversation with one of my daughters-in-law yesterday that took me back to my own toddler-raising years. Two-year-old Livi is as headstrong and highly intelligent as her father (my oldest son) was, and is therefore very challenging to train. Her blond curls, baby blue eyes and unwitting charm of a smile disarm even... Continue Reading →

An Angel By My Daughter

It was late May 2015, just over a year ago. I was in my fourth month serving as interim worship/music director at a church in a nearby city, and had really been missing being with my family at our home church. My nine-year-old daughter, Jaycie, would ask almost weekly by then, "Mom, when are you... Continue Reading →

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