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Knocked Down, but Not Destroyed

Spring is in the air. I'm a bit sleepy from losing an hour of sleep with the time change last night, but excited about the prospect of more daylight in my day. I spent yesterday working in my front yard, doing more manual labor than I have in months. After the ice and snow storms... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Company (28 Minutes in Heaven)

My husband helped me get the guest bedroom ready for the long-awaited arrival of our daughter and grandchildren. We stocked up on groceries, bathed the smelly dog, and even hung a new clock on the wall, which had been bare for months since the old one broke. We cleaned up areas that seem to get... Continue Reading →

An Angel By My Daughter

It was late May 2015, just over a year ago. I was in my fourth month serving as interim worship/music director at a church in a nearby city, and had really been missing being with my family at our home church. My nine-year-old daughter, Jaycie, would ask almost weekly by then, "Mom, when are you... Continue Reading →

The House That Love Re-built -Pt.1

[Part 1 of 2] There’s an old house sitting vacant in our town. It was a grand structure in its day, designed by the best architect, built by the most prestigious builder, and belonging to a prominent family. The six bedroom, five bathroom home is a “mansion” to most folks, including myself. However, it has... Continue Reading →

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