Real Men Cry, Too (A final message from my late husband)

While sorting through things of my beloved late husband, Hank, I stumbled across what appeared to be notes he was writing for a sermon. He had titled it, "Real Men Cry, Too". The haunting words on the paper both inspired me and broke my heart, as my children and I still grieve the loss of... Continue Reading →

Clarity and Destiny

NEWS FLASH! Full Press Releases of Breaking News here: A brilliant, full moon commanded my attention as I drove home last Sunday. I'd been in Bonne Terre, Missouri that morning where I'd led worship, sang, and shared some of my testimony. The three days preceding that, I spent time learning, co-writing, getting to know other writers,... Continue Reading →

An Angel By My Daughter

It was late May 2015, just over a year ago. I was in my fourth month serving as interim worship/music director at a church in a nearby city, and had really been missing being with my family at our home church. My nine-year-old daughter, Jaycie, would ask almost weekly by then, "Mom, when are you... Continue Reading →

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