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All My Teeth Fell Out… Then I Saw PINK! Intimidating Season Change.

Okay, before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. I had the weirdest dream a few days ago, but I instantly knew what it meant when I awoke. It hit me so strongly that I even mentioned it to my husband as I fixed my cup of coffee. Often, I realize when I'm dreaming, but... Continue Reading →

Miracle in My House! The Power of Prayer (and Music)

This will be the LAST weekly blog post. Beginning today, June 4th, 2017, Inspiring Hope Blog (for the time being) will be published MONTHLY, instead of weekly. Becky is working on writing three books, recording more songs, and devoting more time to family. Thank you for your continued support, and please SHARE Inspiring Hope with... Continue Reading →

Powerfully Imperfect

I was mortified, but the small congregation was gracious as the sound man turned knobs, trying to remedy the problem. Whenever I sang into the microphone, the music (being played by my CD) disappeared. If I stopped singing, the accompaniment music magically reappeared -- then faded instantly again when I sang. Ugghh!! I finally opted... Continue Reading →

Piano Tuning: Proverbs & Providence

In December 2006, when I felt compelled to resign my full-time teaching (music) job and stay home to teach piano lessons, my [shocked] husband was fearful that we'd lose the house, unable to pay the mortgage. I sent email to a few families of my students and church friends who'd expressed interest in piano lessons,... Continue Reading →

Planting Seeds of Purpose

It was the fall of 1976.  My fourth grade class and our whole country was celebrating America's 200th year as a free country, with streamers and fanfare lining our school hallways. But my world, as a brokenhearted little girl whose parents had just divorced, was falling apart. On top of that, my parents had rolled our old... Continue Reading →

Back in Commission… Dents and All.

In September of 2012, I purchased a used piano keyboard, practically giddy that my producer and co-writer in Nashville (Robert Jason) had found me just the right one. It was a professional keyboard, the brand and model we wanted, and at one-fourth of the new price! It even came with a like-new rolling case, which sells for... Continue Reading →

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