Reign in Me: Who’s Holding the Reins?

I've been doing a lot of dog walking lately, since we adopted Ralphie, our little rescued Yorkie-Poo. He's blind in one eye and has a cataract in the other, although his hearing is really good. He absolutely loves to go on walks, and it's good for me, too. Ralphie seems ecstatic with a sense of... Continue Reading →

Our Car Wreck at 60 mph: Angels on Duty! God’s Presence in Turbulent Times

The new fall 2015 season had begun, and we three "choir sisters" were excited to be traveling together again. *Sheila was driving and *Ginger was in the front passenger seat. I was in the back seat, looking through my music.        *Names changed for privacy. I rarely get to ride with other ladies in... Continue Reading →

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