America: My Grandfather (in 1776) Helped Birth This Nation… And Here We Are!

We finally landed at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. My husband, Hank and I and over four hundred others from Oklahoma had looked forward to this trip for sixteen months! "Worship Over Washington" was a mission trip of the Singing ChurchWomen, Singing ChurchMen, and the Baptist Symphony Orchestra, and we had a full agenda, and... Continue Reading →

Floods of Blessings (But It Didn’t Look That Way)

Sitting at my home office desk a few weeks ago, I noticed some all-too-familiar ripples and bubbles in the laminate flooring. Oh, no ... not again! Apparently the heavy rains the week before had seeped under the house and beneath the flooring of my studio/ office, a room built in part of our garage. Since we've... Continue Reading →

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