Our Car Wreck at 60 mph: Angels on Duty! God’s Presence in Turbulent Times

The new fall 2015 season had begun, and we three "choir sisters" were excited to be traveling together again. *Sheila was driving and *Ginger was in the front passenger seat. I was in the back seat, looking through my music.        *Names changed for privacy. I rarely get to ride with other ladies in... Continue Reading →

His Son Died 9/11 in the First Hijacked Plane (You Won’t Believe the Rest of His Story!)

My husband and I lead the Blended Families Sunday school bible study class at our church. Although we've been bursting at the seams in the past for room, most of those families have moved out of state, so we usually only have 4-8 people weekly. Therefore, a new visitor is always an exciting occurrence for... Continue Reading →

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