Floods of Blessings (But It Didn’t Look That Way)

Sitting at my home office desk a few weeks ago, I noticed some all-too-familiar ripples and bubbles in the laminate flooring. Oh, no ... not again! Apparently the heavy rains the week before had seeped under the house and beneath the flooring of my studio/ office, a room built in part of our garage. Since we've... Continue Reading →


Shining Through Cracked Pots: Purpose Beyond Pain

I took a sip of my mother's iced tea from her hospital tray, since we were about to throw it all out. She was coming home today, after being hospitalized four days due to Colitis. It is an excruciatingly painful intestinal illness, but (the doctor told us) was not contagious. She'd cooked a delicious Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

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