Turning Staffs to Serpents: The Faith Factor

Last week, days before Easter (when millions of believers and I celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus), I watched the epic 1956 movie, "The Ten Commandments". Although the graphics technology may seem archaic by modern standards, the portrayal of the Biblical account of the liberation of the Hebrew people by Moses always thrills my soul and... Continue Reading →

Love Me, Love Me Not

Finding Steady Love in My Unsteady World "Mom, I want to be home-schooled... forever!" Today was the second time in a month I've received this dramatic, desperate message from our seventh-grade daughter -- while she was at school. Jaycie came home three days ago wearing the jacket of a new beau, but apparently gave it back... Continue Reading →

Baggage Fees

Traveling back from my mission trip to Africa in February 2016 was quite an experience. We were instructed to pack light, assuming we'd want to purchase and bring back hand-carved wooden animals, bowls, etc. from the gifted artisans in Malawi. I carefully packed my clothing and bubble wrap around some of the items I bought,... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up My Mess

"I'm sorry, Mom, I'm sorry! It was an accident... my hand just slipped because I was so tired... I know you must be really mad at me." I was standing only ten feet away when my son knocked the glass bowl off the counter that morning. I turned my head just in time to see... Continue Reading →

The House That Love Re-Built (Pt. 2)

[Part 2; Continued from last week’s Inspiring Hope Blog] “I just want ya’ll to know that momma died three weeks ago.” Her words were piercing as hot tears stung my cheeks. I felt her pain as one who’d lost loved ones, and I also grieved for Jeffery and Jaycie, who now had lost not only... Continue Reading →

Unmasking Fear

What do you dream of accomplishing in your lifetime? What would you do if money wasn't a hindrance? Do you sense a deep calling to a mission or ministry to help others in some way? Do you have a story to tell, a talent to share, but doubt if anyone will care? What would you... Continue Reading →

Hurry Up and… WAIT.

FOR ALL WHO WAIT... Patiently or NOT. (Edited and reprinted from a response to my friend Nichole & her husband, as they waited... seemingly FOREVER... to bring home their new children. This was in Jan. 2008. Both Nichole and we HAVE our children now:))) Nichole (and all who read this), I feel your pain and frustration!... Continue Reading →

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