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All My Teeth Fell Out… Then I Saw PINK! Intimidating Season Change.

Okay, before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. I had the weirdest dream a few days ago, but I instantly knew what it meant when I awoke. It hit me so strongly that I even mentioned it to my husband as I fixed my cup of coffee. Often, I realize when I'm dreaming, but... Continue Reading →

I Saw My Daughter in Heaven (Pray for Chattanooga Bus Crash Families)

It was the spring of 2001. The dream I had that night was as real as anything, and I remember every detail to this day. My husband and I were both flying through the air into Heaven, and we landed simultaneously into two fold-down cushioned seats in a very large auditorium. The seat covers were... Continue Reading →

Unmasking Fear

What do you dream of accomplishing in your lifetime? What would you do if money wasn't a hindrance? Do you sense a deep calling to a mission or ministry to help others in some way? Do you have a story to tell, a talent to share, but doubt if anyone will care? What would you... Continue Reading →

Back in Commission… Dents and All.

In September of 2012, I purchased a used piano keyboard,¬†practically giddy that my producer and co-writer in Nashville (Robert Jason) had found me¬†just the right one. It was a professional keyboard, the brand and model we wanted, and at one-fourth of the new price! It even came with a like-new rolling case, which sells for... Continue Reading →

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