Preparing a Place (Welcome, Ralphie the Rescue Dog!)

Seventeen months had passed since we buried our dear fifteen-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Buddy had been a beloved family pet since he was eight weeks old, and it took a while to be emotionally ready for a new pet. Since we had a mission trip planned (to Washington, DC) in May and my knee surgery scheduled... Continue Reading →

“Stop! That’s Enough!” Elderly Lady Wanted It to End

I carried my piano tuning case into the nursing home and headed to the grand piano in the dining room. It was inherently noisy in there, but breakfast time was less crowded than lunch time, so I always tuned it first thing. I set up my tools, inserting the long, ribbon felt mute in between... Continue Reading →

Highlight Reel (Most Popular Posts)

Hello, readers of Inspiring Hope Blog! Becky here, grateful and humbled by the response of readers to this blog. As you read this, I will be driving seven hours from the St. Louis area back home to northeastern Oklahoma, so those who get this by email on Sunday afternoons -- it may notĀ arrive until Monday.... Continue Reading →

Fierce Love

"Mommy, come outside and see the baby bird in the rose bush!" My ten-year-old daughter was thrilled to discover a baby cardinal, camouflaged carefully inside our backyard rose bush. Out I came, camera in hand, whispering so as not to scare the young chick. As we approached the bush, however, the apparent parents of the... Continue Reading →

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