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God in the Valley

I was reading in 1st Kings chapter 20 this week, not a passage I usually frequent. (I'm four years into my quest to read the entire Bible in one year, haha!) As a teenager, I vaguely recall hearing a preacher talking about this moment in Israel's saga, but now, forty years later, this historical account... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Dinosaurs, Dolls & Dust: Hello, Destiny

I had to restrain my squeals of delight when my husband declared, "Okay, I'm finally ready to get rid of that old TV that's just been taking up space." I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to hear Hank announce that he was finally willing to let this "dinosaur" go bye-bye!! Thanksgiving and Christmas are fun times... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Something Good

It was October 11th, 1995. Unfamiliar with the song the worship leader selected, I was concentrating to read the notes accurately as I accompanied him on piano at church that evening. My heart was heavy, though, as I dreaded the anniversary that tomorrow would bring: the death by miscarriage of the baby we'd waited so long... Continue Reading →

Back in Commission… Dents and All.

In September of 2012, I purchased a used piano keyboard, practically giddy that my producer and co-writer in Nashville (Robert Jason) had found me just the right one. It was a professional keyboard, the brand and model we wanted, and at one-fourth of the new price! It even came with a like-new rolling case, which sells for... Continue Reading →

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