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“Jesus Came to My House” A Three-Year-Old’s Encounter Brought Me to My Knees

Jennifer, a registered nurse, wheeled my husband back in to the recovery room after his second cataract surgery. Even though Hank was groggy and slurring his words a bit, I immediately recognized the story he'd apparently been recounting to her. "Our son, Aaron, had emergency surgery at this very hospital when he was only seven... Continue Reading →

Baggage Fees

Traveling back from my mission trip to Africa in February 2016 was quite an experience. We were instructed to pack light, assuming we'd want to purchase and bring back hand-carved wooden animals, bowls, etc. from the gifted artisans in Malawi. I carefully packed my clothing and bubble wrap around some of the items I bought,... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Something Good

It was October 11th, 1995. Unfamiliar with the song the worship leader selected, I was concentrating to read the notes accurately as I accompanied him on piano at church that evening. My heart was heavy, though, as I dreaded the anniversary that tomorrow would bring: the death by miscarriage of the baby we'd waited so long... Continue Reading →

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