I Saw My Daughter in Heaven (Pray for Chattanooga Bus Crash Families)

It was the spring of 2001. The dream I had that night was as real as anything, and I remember every detail to this day. My husband and I were both flying through the air into Heaven, and we landed simultaneously into two fold-down cushioned seats in a very large auditorium. The seat covers were... Continue Reading →

Highlight Reel (Most Popular Posts)

Hello, readers of Inspiring Hope Blog! Becky here, grateful and humbled by the response of readers to this blog. As you read this, I will be driving seven hours from the St. Louis area back home to northeastern Oklahoma, so those who get this by email on Sunday afternoons -- it may notĀ arrive until Monday.... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Something Good

It was October 11th, 1995. Unfamiliar with the song the worship leader selected, I was concentrating to read the notes accurately as I accompanied him on piano at church that evening. My heart was heavy, though, as I dreaded the anniversary that tomorrow would bring: the death by miscarriage of the baby we'd waited so long... Continue Reading →

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