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Real Men Cry, Too (A final message from my late husband)

While sorting through things of my beloved late husband, Hank, I stumbled across what appeared to be notes he was writing for a sermon. He had titled it, "Real Men Cry, Too". The haunting words on the paper both inspired me and broke my heart, as my children and I still grieve the loss of... Continue Reading →

His Car Caught Fire…but God Never Left

"Uh, Mom, can you come get me? My car caught fire and I'm stranded." Those words are not what a momma wants to hear, but I was very thankful that I was hearing from my son at all, meaning he'd survived! I soon learned that the fire was under the hood, and Aaron had gotten... Continue Reading →

Baggage Fees

Traveling back from my mission trip to Africa in February 2016 was quite an experience. We were instructed to pack light, assuming we'd want to purchase and bring back hand-carved wooden animals, bowls, etc. from the gifted artisans in Malawi. I carefully packed my clothing and bubble wrap around some of the items I bought,... Continue Reading →

Hospitality Changes History

Takeshi was visibly shaking when he walked into our living room for the first time, accompanied by the director of the ELI (English Language Institute) program at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK. A year later, he admitted to my husband and I what was quite apparent: he was terrified of coming to live with... Continue Reading →

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