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Not Yet, Baby!

I was sitting in my recliner when suddenly I noticed the all-too-familiar odor of a skunk. Our 18-month-old goldendoodle, Sheba, was in the back yard. Even through the walls, the stench was so strong that it burned my throat! We'd just moved to the country seven months previously, into the house that I built, with... Continue Reading →

Skippy from Heaven: A Furry Unexpected Guest

"BECKY, come in here!" My husband, Hank, sounded alarmed as he called from the living room to wake me up at a dark 6:20 in the morning. I jumped out of bed, almost in a panic, fearing something must be wrong. "Where'd this kitty come from??" Hank asked whimsically, hands on his hips. My sleepy... Continue Reading →

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