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All My Teeth Fell Out… Then I Saw PINK! Intimidating Season Change.

Okay, before you think I’m crazy, let me explain. I had the weirdest dream a few days ago, but I instantly knew what it meant when I awoke. It hit me so strongly that I even mentioned it to my husband as I fixed my cup of coffee.

Often, I realize when I’m dreaming, but this one seemed very real. I had just arrived at a Christian songwriter’s workshop that I attend every October. It’s usually four days away from home when I go. In my dream, however, I had my family with me this time.

As we entered the church where the conference was held, I saw familiar faces of fellow songwriters, exchanging hugs and handshakes with those I knew well. I was especially thrilled to have my husband and children with me, since most of my ministry travels are by myself. My hubby, who is retired and now teaching college classes, is left to care for our teenagers.

That evening, we all went back to our hotel room. I looked into the mirror and noticed that one of my front bottom teeth felt loose. As I wiggled it with my tongue, it suddenly fell out! Then, to my great horror, teeth beside it all became loose and began falling out! Then my top front teeth became loose, and each fell out, right into my hand!

This all occurred in a matter of seconds, and I was crying hysterically by this point! My mind was racing with flashbacks of questions I’d heard before several surgeries. The nurse would ask, “Do you have any dental implants?” All of the sudden, I’m thinking that I’ll HAVE to get dental implants, because I can’t go without my front teeth for the next thirty years!

While I was trying to tell my husband what was going on, suddenly I felt new teeth growing in! I ran back to look in the bathroom mirror to see this wondrous thing! To my utter dismay, however, the newly appearing teeth were hot pink! Hot pink — really !???

Chiclets gum…. that’s what my new pink teeth looked like. Big, square, hot pink teeth. Here came my tears and audible anguish… again! What was going on? Surely God knew what was going on, and (as a child of God), nothing happens to me without His permission or outside of His divine plan. What was He doing??

The teeth that had just fallen out came back hot pink!

Just as soon as I witnessed my mouth full of hot-pink, “Chiclet teeth”, the pink began to change to pure, shiny white! Then, the large, square shape turned into regular “tooth size”, and I had a beautiful new, pure-white smile — better than I’d ever had! (Growing up, I always hated my teeth, actually, and now they were perfect.)

When I woke up from this emotional whirlwind drama of a dream, I immediately understood what my Heavenly Father was trying to show me.

Since last year (2018), I’ve been sensing that this year, 2019, would bring several changes. Not in an ominous or dreadful way (although I’ve had those promptings, at other times), but with a sense of great expectation!

Similar to previous seasons of my life when I sensed changes were coming, I have a mix of excitement along with the unsteadiness of walking into the unknown.

Last night, leading worship at an “Apologetics Revival Service” (invited by the speaker/teacher, my good friend Dr. Jim Burkett), I was on a spiritual high. I’d been in God’s presence, and with others who understand and appreciate my ministry and calling.

But some days, like today at home, the mud is hitting the fan and I (and our children) are under spiritual attack, disguised as multiple uncontrollable circumstances, people breaking their word, and humans acting selfishly and deeply hurting others (including hurting my child.…. Grrrr!)

I’m sure I’m not alone in this phenomenon. As followers in Christ, we are a constant target for the demons of Hell, who are sent to harass, hinder, and undermine the work and plan of God in our lives, and in His greater Kingdom design. It started in the Garden of Eden, and will continue until God says ‘time is up’ and Satan is chained up and thrown into a bottomless pit. (See Revelation Chapter 20)

As Christ-followers, we are a constant target for the demons of Hell, who are sent to harass, hinder, and undermine the work and plan of God in our lives.

God has been pouring on new songs to write in the last few months, and fueling my desire to create new songs for worship, particularly with choirs (including the Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma, and my own church choir). The Lord is opening doors, leading me into collaborations with other Christian creatives who share my passion for Jesus and worship music.

Since my home studio flooded three years ago, God provided new flooring (seriously… we won 100 square feet of flooring!), but boxes were piled up afterwards, and the internet was spotty. Even though I’d purchased the hardware and software needed to record three years previously, my studio sat mostly abandoned.

Then, on April 8th, 2019, I had to have another shoulder surgery. Facing physical handicaps (for a time) and emotional exhaustion, I asked my friend, Karen, to pray that God would make a way (time, someone to help me, and motivation!) to get my office cleaned out and begin recording again.

God answered that specific prayer request just days ago! My son, Aaron, has been laid off work (again) over the last couple of months. (If you’re a new reader to Inspiring Hope, you need to know that Aaron has suffered a lot in the last several months, and has come back to God in that process!) Aaron helped me move the boxes out of the studio, AND turned on my recording software — for the first time! We recorded a quick piano and vocal on one song – just to make sure it worked. It DID!

Our son, Aaron, praying before taking communion. At church with us after 5 years absence. God is doing a new thing!
Our son, Aaron, praying before taking communion. At church with us after 5 years absence. God is doing a new thing!

What seemed insurmountable and overwhelming for three years was conquered in three hours! We did have to do several more hours and days of downloads to access the various instrument banks available, but I’d already paid for them three years ago!

Suddenly, this truth hit me deeply: There are gifts, blessings, direction, and opportunities from our Heavenly Father that each of us has not appropriated.

We just need to clear the clutter (faithless apathy, and our schedule– often eaten up by social media, TV, video games), tune in to God (through prayer and reading His Word, the Bible, accountability and fellowship with other believers), and download what God has for us! (Okay, I needed that word, even if no one else did, haha!)

“Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about.” Jeremiah 33:3 

As the former worship leader in Heaven (before humans were created), a jealous and ousted Satan now targets worshipers of God. Especially those who’s time, talent and resources are spent specifically to share Jesus with others so that they will become followers of Christ.

Shining God’s light dispels the darkness of our adversary, the devil, and that threat will always, for now, be retaliated against. But his days are short! Incidentally, my newest song is called “Our God is a Mighty Warrior”. The enemy of our souls certainly does not want that song to be written or recorded! By God’s grace, we WILL.

So, my teeth fell out, grew back pink and ugly, then turned pure white and perfect. What happened in sixty seconds in my dream is happening in six months in my life. I’ve lost piano students (moving away, graduating, schedule conflicts), and am down to only three. I can’t tune pianos for a while, with more surgeries. (I had a tumor removed in December, and now my shoulder in April.) God has been “clearing my schedule”, as it appears.

Over the last six months, God has allowed our ministry (through a handful of ministry partners who’ve captured the vision) to provide significant monthly support to our friends in Chagallu, Andhra Pradesh, India. Pastor Timothy and his wife Jhansi started and still run the St. Louis Upper Primary School (212 students who attend for FREE), In Jesus’ Name Ministries (church and women’s 24-hour prayer group), and the Children’s Ark Orphanage, home to 38 orphaned children currently.

With temperatures over 47 Celsius (117 Fahrenheit) The Children’s Ark Orphanage is thrilled & thankful to purchase a water cooler with funds provided by Wright Ministries/ A.C.T. Intl. Will you help us help them?

God has compelled me to help sponsor this life-changing work on the other side of the world. These brothers and sisters in Christ are sharing the good news of Jesus in a culture that is predominantly Hindu and Muslim, and hostile towards Christianity. They are teaching children and adults the Gospel, and sending them out into their communities to share the good news with others. They have a zeal that most “western Christians” lack (I’m preaching to myself here, too…). We have the funds with financial resources that they lack. God has knitted our hearts (and ministries) together for His purposes in these last days!

With a significantly decreased family income now, this “changing of seasons” gets pretty scary. Yet, as God sends more songs and stokes the fire inside to create (and share Jesus) even more in these last days before Jesus returns, I trust that He will provide! I am asking God to send more dedicated monthly ministry partners to help us do what we’re called and compelled to do, spreading the Good News of Jesus through various means, in Oklahoma, the USA, India, and on the internet and radio worldwide.

May 29th marked the release of my song, “When I Cry” to 3,000 Christian radio stations. This is the 2nd song release from my 2014 album, “Before the Throne: Worship & Hymns”, and my 10th single release overall. The first week out, the song was #3 on . CALL or email YOUR LOCAL station and request “When I Cry” by Becky Wright.

My prayer is that people who hear the song will be reminded that God truly hears His children when we cry out to Him, and that He is a loving God Who is concerned about the intimate details of our lives. (Your financial gifts and prayers make the recording and publishing of God-honoring music possible. Thank you!)

Will you join us in this mission? DONATE to our non-profit ministry. PURCHASE CD’s for yourself or as gifts. CONTACT me about coming to your church, conference, or other event. PRAY for our family and our ministry around the world!)

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